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Meet the Team
Lauren Hoffman, Psy.D.
Lauren Hoffman, Psy.D.
Jami Howell, Psy.D.
Jami Howell, Psy.D.
Susan Stormer, Ph.D.
Susan Stormer, Ph.D.
Laura Krumins, Psy.D.
Laura Krumins, Psy.D.
Jackie Cole, PMHNP
Jackie Cole, PMHNP
Chantelle LaBounty, Practice Manager
Chantelle LaBounty, Practice Manager
Donna Templeton, PMHNP
Donna Templeton, PMHNP

Clinical Director

The clinical director is the primary person of contact for the clinical staff. They are responsible for overseeing and developing the clinical department including clinical consultation, overseeing clinicians’ adherence to policies and requirements and attending to the wellness and cohesion of the individuals and team as a whole. This person must have a positive and supportive attitude toward Aspire and its overall success. This individual must have the ability to think about the organization as a whole, solve problems, be solution-oriented and have good decision-making skills.

Essential responsibilities:
The description of this role is not an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with this position. 

  • Attend to clinicians’ emails and daily needs.
  • Conduct clinician audits using bi-weekly reports pertaining to clinician’s adherence to documentation and caseload requirements and have any needed conversations with clinicians who are not in compliance with Aspire policies
  • Assist the Aspire owner with facilitating clinical discussions during the monthly all-staff meeting.
  • Participate in 1-hour weekly clinical management meetings and 1-hour meetings with the owner and office manager.
  • Participate in and help facilitate 1-hour weekly clinical consultation.
  • Conduct and document quarterly reviews for clinicians.
  • Convey information and provide input and feedback to clinicians and staff on policies and procedures.
  • Track and accept/deny vacation requests and time off.
  • Solicit feedback from clinicians to provide to the owner.
  • Assist in resolving problems involving employee matters. 
  • Provide technical and systems support to staff as needed.
  • Document and follow up on disciplinary action.
  • Provide additional support for clinicians leaving Aspire – monitor termination letters and patient transfers to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Assist the owner in searching, interviewing and hiring new employees. 
  • Lead onboarding and trainings for new employees. 
  • Facilitate credentialing process for clinicians when needed.
  • Provide additional support and oversight of new clinician’s documentation for the first 2 weeks to ensure compliance with Aspire policies and procedures.
  • Participate in networking events and outreach on behalf of Aspire to promote and market the clinicians and to connect with potential new employees. 
  • Monitor OPA listserv to respond to inquiries for patient referrals and share updates on the listserv about Aspire.
  • Lead efforts to solicit feedback regarding patients’ satisfaction and provide summary reports to the Aspire owner.
  • Develop an assessment for clinical competency for clinicians and provide findings to the Aspire owner.
  • Monitor and assess employee and team morale and build team cohesion.
  • Look for continuing education opportunities for the team. 

The clinical director must show the ability to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of sound ethical practice in the profession of psychology.
  • Demonstrate competence in leadership, management, wellness, oversight and evaluation of quality of patient care, staff development, conflict resolution, managing and coordinating one’s own clinical caseload, utilization of community resources.
  • Be effective and skilled in psychotherapy techniques and treatment.
  • Collaborate with the Aspire billing team to be up to date with requirements set by contracted insurance companies.
  • Function proficiently in a web-based computer environment.
  • Effectively organize time and responsibilities.
  • Respond with appropriate level of urgency to issues raised by clinicians, prioritize, and delegate as appropriate.
  • Model through behaviors the values that reflect and are consistent with the policies and values of Aspire.
  • Maintain an average of 20 clinical contact hours per week (will decrease as practice grows)


  • Active Oregon psychologist license.
  • A doctoral degree in clinical psychology from an APA accredited university.
  • Fluent in Google Suite and Office Suite.
  • Knowledge of general office machines and telephone systems.
  • Comfortable working paperless, using and saving files electronically.
  • Competent with EHR/EMR systems.
  • Experience with insurance billing and coding.
  • Competent organizational and time management skills.
  • Driven and self-motivated.
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with others.
  • Maintain discretion with confidential information.
  • Follow all guidelines set by HIPAA.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary 85-95K
  • Additional quarterly bonus
  • 401K matching & profit sharing
  • Stipend for continuing education
  • Paid time off


Full- and Part-time Psychologist

Aspire Psychology is a multi-disciplinary practice offering therapy and medication management. We currently have three psychologists and two psychiatric nurse practitioners. We are looking for a full-time psychologist (24 or more patient hours per week) and a part-time psychologist (7-12 hours per week) with the potential for room to grow. 

Candidates must be licensed as a psychologist. While it’s important to be able to work independently, we will have a team of practitioners with whom you can consult and collaborate. The ideal full-time candidate would provide 24 or more client hours per week. Varying specializations and theoretical orientation are welcome and encouraged. Must pass state-required background check and a DMV check, and have a valid driver’s license. 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Offer professional counseling services to adults, and if you choose teens, with mild to moderate mental health conditions 
  • Maintain professional license in the state of Oregon 
  • Maintain malpractice liability insurance (can start at the time of contract)
  • Conduct counseling sessions with clients using professional counseling standards for the following: treatment plans, counseling sessions, assessments (if needed or required), and interventions according to professional counseling records standards; complete a comprehensive intake, and develop a diagnosis and treatment plan for each client
  • Follow legal and professional counseling obligations, such as HIPAA compliance and confidentiality, as well as all federal, state and local legal guidelines, license criteria and applicable code of ethics
  • Maintain professional conduct in accordance with the brand and mission of Aspire Psychology

Compensation is based on the number of clinical hours completed each month. Part-time private practice counseling is generally considered 23 or fewer face-to-face client hours per week and full-time private practice counseling is generally considered to be 24 or more face-to-face client hours per week. In this case, the part-time employee would be hired for 7-12 patient hours. Earning potential depends on insurances accepted and client caseload. Motivated psychologists working four to five full days per week on a consistent basis could produce a yearly salary around 85-95K. Building a caseload and retaining clients effectively can take time, so a ramping-up period of lower income can potentially take up to a few months. However, our psychologists almost all have full caseloads, so you would be getting the majority if not all incoming referrals.

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