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Full- and Part-time Psychologist

Aspire Psychology is a multi-disciplinary practice offering therapy and medication management. We currently have three psychologists and two psychiatric nurse practitioners. We are looking for a full-time psychologist (24 or more patient hours per week) and a part-time psychologist (7-12 hours per week) with the potential for room to grow. We provide full administrative support: office manager, scheduling, billing, group and individual consultation, referrals and networking opportunities. All of our systems are electronic and HIPAA protected.

Our team works with individuals ages 16 and older. It is not a requirement that you see adolescents. We see patients from all backgrounds who have mental health needs and/or aspirations for growth. We do not discriminate and are open to patients and clinicians of any ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, sex, gender, income, education, disability, age or personality. 

Candidates must be licensed as a psychologist. While it’s important to be able to work independently, we will have a team of practitioners with whom you can consult and collaborate. The ideal full-time candidate would provide 24 or more client hours per week. Varying specializations and theoretical orientation are welcome and encouraged.

Must pass state-required background check and a DMV check, and have a valid driver’s license. 

Company Overview 
Aspire Psychology (LLC) is a growing private practice counseling center serving Portland, Oregon, the surrounding areas and other areas throughout the state. Dr. Jami Howell, Psy.D., is the founder of Aspire Psychology. She has over 8 years of experience managing her own successful, full-time private practice and 12 years of experience as a clinician. She has lived in the Portland metro area for the majority of her life and completed all of her training at clinics and colleges in Portland. These experiences have contributed to a large network of ongoing referral sources and connections in the community. In addition, Dr. Howell has developed strong relationships with other providers such as psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, dietitian and primary care physicians. These connections provide mutual referrals and opportunities to collaborate for shared clients.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Offer professional counseling services to adults, and if you choose teens, with mild to moderate mental health conditions 
  • Maintain professional license in the state of Oregon 
  • Maintain malpractice liability insurance (can start at the time of contract)
  • Conduct counseling sessions with clients using professional counseling standards for the following: treatment plans, counseling sessions, assessments (if needed or required), and interventions according to professional counseling records standards; complete a comprehensive intake, and develop a diagnosis and treatment plan for each client
  • Submit electronic billing and accept payment through the electronic health record (EHR) system (training provided) in a timely manner
  • Follow legal and professional counseling obligations, such as HIPAA compliance and confidentiality, as well as all federal, state and local legal guidelines, license criteria and applicable code of ethics
  • Maintain professional conduct in accordance with the brand and mission of Aspire Psychology

Excellent Compensation, Benefits and Perks 

Compensation is based on the number of clinical hours completed each month. Part-time private practice counseling is generally considered 23 or fewer face-to-face client hours per week and full-time private practice counseling is generally considered to be 24 or more face-to-face client hours per week. In this case, the part-time employee would be hired for 7-12 patient hours. Earning potential depends on insurances accepted and client caseload. Motivated psychologists working four to five full days per week on a consistent basis could produce a yearly salary around 80-90K. Building a caseload and retaining clients effectively can take time, so a ramping-up period of lower income can potentially take up to a few months. However, our psychologists almost all have full caseloads, so you would be getting the majority if not all incoming referrals.

This position is an employee position (W2 form for IRS tax purposes) not a contract position (1099). As a W2 employee you will have the opportunity to receive more benefits and better pay. Simple IRA plan will be set up for you with the opportunity for employer matching.

Full-time employees will have flexible work hours that can include evenings and weekends if desired. You can collaborate with Dr. Howell to choose the hours that work best for you and your patients (Monday through Saturday, 8AM to 7PM). Part-time employees will work either Fridays or Saturdays with the option to work both.

You are not required to immediately leave a current job to start working in private practice with our team assuming the transition from your current job is approximately a month or less. If you are transitioning from agency work, private practice offers a considerably more flexible work environment and allows for specialization in one’s preferred areas of therapy. Moreover, less documentation is required in private practice. Documentation is still required, including some basic assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes, but not to the degree of agency record keeping. Our electronic health record system makes this process very easy. 

The following is provided for all of our providers: (1) Shared comfortable furnished office space and waiting area; (2) Community room with microwave, fridge, water etc. (3) Access to and training in Electronic Health Record (EHR); (4) office staff to manage billing services and new client phone inquiries/screening; (5) marketing, e.g., your photo and profile space on the Aspire Psychology website, business cards, Google Ads for the website and networking with the community; (6) Assistance with the credentialing process with insurance companies; (7) secure wifi for you and your clients, HIPAA protected email address, team-shared Google Drive, and a HIPAA phone number and voicemail for each clinician.

Potential for you and benefits of working as an Aspire Psychology provider: 

  • A positive, supportive and flexible work environment where all clinicians, staff and clients are treated with kindness and respect 
  • A brand new, professional, attractive and clean office environment 
  • Freedom to focus fully on your therapy work with clients without worrying about billing, insurance, phone intakes and screening, etc. 
  • The option to schedule your patients when you choose, within the agreed upon hours/days
  • Freedom to be the clinician that you want to be; developing your personal style as a clinician and having time for self-care and enrichment 
  • The opportunity to create your unique counseling practice, thriving in your treatment niche and specialty areas as you build and continue your career 
  • Freedom to create and collaborate, to form new groups, to lead workshops, write blog posts for the website, and create meaningful therapeutic content through the Aspire Psychology brand

Interested candidates should email Dr. Jami Howell

  • A cover letter explaining your experience and interest in the position, approach to therapy, populations you work with and specialties
  • A resume including all education and work history relevant to the mental health field 

We look forward to hearing from you! Learn more about our team