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Telehealth at Aspire Psychology: A Steady Connection in Uncertain Times

It’s hard to believe we’ve now passed the one year “anniversary” of COVID-19, and experienced everything that’s gone with it—masks, social distancing, remote learning, working from home and a variety of other factors that have affected our daily lives. The Aspire team wants to check in and see how you’re doing through all of this, and remind you that we’re here to help, support and guide you through this collective experience of uncertainty. Selfcare, personal wellness, and mental health care are so important for all of us as we navigate life during a pandemic. We encourage you to check in with yourself and take the opportunity to ask what kind of help and support you and your family need right now.  

Aspire Psychology is here for you 

If being in a world going through a pandemic has been challenging for you or exacerbated your stress levels, you are not alone! With needs for mental health care rising and the ability to meet in person on hold for the time being, telehealth has become more important than ever in helping to provide consistent quality care to our patients. We’re here for you and ready for this to be a positive experience for everyone involved. Our team of clinicians offers comfort and a sense of closeness which is evident in their approach to patient care. Thanks to technology we’re able to bring those aspects of mental health directly to you in your own home or space. 

Telehealth has given patients and providers the opportunity to continue care in the midst of restrictions put in place due to COVID. It also improves patients’ access to care, as it removes the considerable barrier of travel time, sitting in the waiting room, etc. Their time and focus gets to be on themselves and the treatment.

Jacqueline Cole, PMHNP-BC, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Aspire Psychology

While telehealth is not new, its utilization has certainly increased during these “strange times” that we’re experiencing, in the full force of a global pandemic. We’re aware that some people have expressed concern about whether or not they would continue to receive care and wondered about the quality of care they could expect in a telehealth setting rather than in person. Therapy outcomes have already shown there are a lot of really positive results for both providers and patients who are utilizing telehealth, and Aspire in particular is very excited to be able to provide this service to our patients.

We understand there’s more to your experience than the above factors.  We’re all human and can have moments of worry or stress about change. For instance, many people have wondered if video therapy would feel awkward or strange. Video therapy has become a new skill for all of us, but luckily we are finding that after a visit or two the video experience of Telehealth is easier to navigate and can be enjoyable and beneficial. 

Our providers at Aspire Psychology are committed to fostering an environment that is safe, welcoming, and supportive whether in-person or via telehealth. They strive to do this over video just as they would at your in-person appointment. If you feel any awkwardness or nervousness about video sessions, mention it to your provider! Chances are we can all relate to your experience, and they’ll help you navigate becoming comfortable with it. You will discover it’s a wonderful and effective way to maintain a connection with others while we maneuver through COVID-19 restrictions. 

It seems to bring a sense of closeness to be able to see patients in their natural environments rather than just at our office. I’m especially a big fan of meeting everone’s pets!

Laura Krumins, Psy D, Clinical Psychologist at Aspire Psychology

We also acknowledge that technology can sometimes be a challenge, so we’re happy to say the video telehealth system we use is very user friendly! Even those who feel a lack of confidence using technology have been able to successfully participate in video sessions with minimal stress and troubleshooting. In the event video sessions are not right for you, we also offer telephone visits and are happy to work with you individually to find the right method of treatment.  

With social distancing changes on the horizon, the transition from telehealth to in-person visits should be seamless and comfortable, and we strive to ensure that’s the case. For many patients, telehealth has provided even better and more accessible and timely care than in-person scheduling can provide. Some patients may even prefer telehealth visits on an ongoing basis if that’s what works best for them.  

We look forward to working with you to find the best method of treatment, now and in the future, as restrictions begin to lift from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be in touch regarding social distancing updates and happily inform you when in-person appointments will be made available.  Until then, we’re all thankful for telehealth and wishing you well. We’re here for you when you need us!

Resources:Read about the telehealth provider survey from the American Medical Association

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