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If you’re using insurance to help pay for therapy, check your benefits carefully.

Ask your insurance company these questions:

  • Do I have mental health benefits, both in- and out-of network?
  • Is my clinician an in-network mental health provider?
  • When do my benefits start, and when do they renew?
  • What is my deductible when I see my clinician? It depends on whether your clinician is in- or out-of network.
  • How much of my deductible has been met this year?
  • How many sessions does my insurance allow me per year?
  • What is my co-payment per appointment?
  • Do I need pre-authorization to see my clinician?
  • Do I have HRA/HSA dollars to use toward deductible and out-of pocket expenses?

We will bill as an out-of-network provider for health plans your clinician is not contracted with.

Accepted insurance


  • BrightPath
  • Legacy Plus
  • Pacific Source
  • Preferred Pacific Source
  • Prime Pacific Source
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • SmartHealth
  • SmartChoice
  • Voyager


  • We are out-of-network for all other insurances
  • We bill all insurance companies on your behalf, but we do not accept Medicare or OHP

We accept cash, check, credit cards and HRA/HSA. All new patients must have a credit card on file to hold appointments. We do not accept Discover or American Express.

Need help understanding your benefits? Contact Chantelle LaBounty.